Link; (windsport) wrote,

for my own reference

 Link's (contextless) dialogue options;

I base Link's speech off of these dialogue options, and under the assumption that both the positive or negative answers would be IC, depending on the situation or mood.

+ "Yes."
- "No."

pirate mini-game

+ "Yeah."
- "No, thanks."
+ "Aye-aye, sir!" 
- "What's going on...?" 

+ "Sure."
- "Good-bye!" 
+ "Absolutely." 
- "Forget it."

"amusements of nobility" mini-game

+ "I do, indeed."
- "Not in the least."
+ "Indeed I would."
- "No, thank you."
+ "Most certainly."
- "The rules escape me."

catching a thief

+ "An ally of justice."
- "A night-creeping rascal."
+ "Sure."
- "Quiet, you!"
+ "That's terrible."
- "That's kind of funny."
+ "Very well."
- "Not at all."
+ "Unfortunately, no."
- "I'll let you go."
+ "Because I'm honest."
- "Because I like you."

+ "Sure."
- "I'm not that desperate."

Implied dialogue:
Requesting Tetra let him join the pirate crew.
That he could help Valoo for Komali.  Said confidently/boastfully.

Link described by others;

"Surprisingly dull-witted."
A valiant young lad.

Tags: !ooc, +character info
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