Link; (windsport) wrote,

day 1;

[The PDA flickers on suddenly, and judging from the angle of the video feed, it appears to have been left on the ground and propped up on its side. Almost like someone dropped it, maybe?

Either way, the screen clearly shows
someone's bedroom, and... a pair of small boots, as they move away from the spot where the PDA sits.  Eventually you can see in full the round-faced blond boy they belong to, and he is wearing a truly ridiculous get-up for someone with such a serious expression, and is, more importantly, wielding an alarmingly real sword.  In fact, he seems quite weighed down with equipment -- a grappling hook and numerous pouches around his belt, a shield and boomerang slung on his back -- and he is going through Lavi's personal possessions in a rather haphazard manner, looking over papers and checking under the bed and tossing things aside looking for anything resembling a container of some sort.  So that he can smash it with his sword.  He's already done this with a few rooms he's encountered, and so far nothing remotely useful has turned up.  It's disappointing to be sure, but that has not deterred him!  And he's going to merrily continue this exploration until somebody decides to catch his attention.]

[Because when one finds themselves in a strange location that they weren't meant to arrive at with no explanation, the most prudent course of action is to, according to this kid's philosophy, find any spare change lying around.]
Tags: !ic, (niteo nix), *video, +entry, +intro, =accidental, =public, c: allen walker, c: alma karma, c: heine rammsteiner, c: karkat vantas, c: lavi, c: rapunzel
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